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What's Happening

No One Left Behind

This health campaign is designed to bring knowledge and empowerment to every person in Dr. Bradbury's community.  Donate to the Humane Society and receive a complimentary wristband to remind you of the cause and to confidently remind friends and loved ones that health is their greatest asset.  

Workplace and Community Talks

Workshops and seminars can be requested simply by contacting the office.  Topics include: stress management, preventative lifestyle choices, positive thought and mindset creation.  Everything to create the life you and your peers deserve.  

One Life Seminars


Eating Well 101, Moving 101, and Thinking Well 101 - a regular seminar series taking place in Halton Hills.  ALL ARE WELCOME. The tools to help combat chronic lifestyle issues are delivered.


Reservations can be made at:

Life 101

This information evening is designed to give you the tools to get healthy and stay healthy.  It goes over how your body works, why it is not working correctly and how the nervous system plays a key role in your health.  Call Dr. Bradbury's office to schedule a seat for you and a loved one.  905.877.LIVE

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